Hydraulic press brake MVD series iBend

Hydraulic press brake MVD series iBend

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MVD hydraulic press brake are identify on the market for the details care, employment  of quality component and reliability. Marinoni Macchine has chosen to amount to his press brake series iBend with mostly italian or european components, to guarantee maximum reliability, working quality with a fast and efficient post sales service.

The iBend series has a sturdy frame, made in electro-welded steel, worked in boring-mill in a single placement. We establish according to standard equipment large gap between shoulders and indipendent C supports for linear encoders to avoid changes due to frame deformation under elevated loads.

The hydraulic system is mostly made with Hoerbiger (proportional valve) and Rexroth (main pump) parts; the electric panel is ventilated mainly with Schneider parts.

The synchronized command of descent axis Y1-Y2 is made with linear optical guides Givi Misure with high resolution.

On every machine has been settled the new series S6 CNC ESAutomotion, with coloured touch-screen, 2 D graphycs programming  and automatic optimization of bending series. The machine has the possibility to settle up to 8 axis and, on demanda, a customization just like the programming and simulation Esabend 3D.

According to standard procedure, all the series are assembled with wide gap between ram and table, and wide axis Y and X travel to provide maximum working flexibility.

The lower bench balance, for the 2 meters beyond series, happen through Wila motorized crowning table controlled by CNC system; this opposite wedge system, made in Holland, is extremely reliable and precise, it allow to obtain a permanent tools parallelism.

The whole series backgouge has a mechanical with linear guide and ball spindle screw, with high speed positioning and centesimal precision; the B and C series standard assemble the made in Italy Unimec backgouge,  made with alluminium melting and brushless engine to obtain high efficiency and more speed.

The Nuova Elettronica security photocell type DSP-AP MCS, standard assembled on whole series, is the new generation security system: it has a dedicate PLC to realize the plate thickness test, to make possible to plan the changing speed at 2 mm far from the material clamping brake, to obtain faster working loop and  the possibility to work faster with the “box function”.

The security system installed by default are fully compliant with all CE regulations, the light curtain on the back and side carter with magnetic security micron.

Registrable intermediaries, with fast manual locking devices Promecam type of the stamps are settle by default; on demand pneumatic locking devices of the stamps with fast vertical insert; as optional it is possible to settle the adaptors for Wila type tools, with manual or hydraulic locking device, or with pneumatic command hemming table controlled by CNC.

As standard equipment 2 frontal supports for plate, sliding and adjustable in height. On demand frontal supporters commanded by CNC.

Machines supplied with security devices, CE certification, operation manual for use and maintenance.

Caratteristiche tecniche

iBendLunghezza (mm)Forza (Ton)Luce pestone-tavola (mm)Corsa assi Y (mm)Corsa asse X (mm)Potenza motore (kW)
40-12501.25040465 (515)260 (310)500 (750)4
60-21002.10060465 (515)260 (310)7504
60-26002.60060465 (515)260 (310)7505,5
100-26002.600100465 (515)260 (310)7507,5
100-31003.100100465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)7,5
135-31003.100135465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)11
175-31003.100175465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)15
220-31003.100220465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)18,5
270-31003.100270465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)22
320-31003.100320515 (660)310 (400)750 (1.000)22
135-41004.100135465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)11
175-41004.100175465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)15
220-41004.100220465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)18,5
270-41004.100270465 (515)260 (310)750 (1.000)22
320-41004.100320515 (660)310 (400)750 (1.000)22
400-41004.100400515 (660)310 (400)750 (1.000)30

Disponibili presse piegatrici con lunghezza fino a 6.100 mm e potenza fino a 1.000 Ton. Contattateci per specifiche tecniche